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You’ve never been daunted by a dirt road. For you, a weekend off the grid is right up your alley. For the places where the sidewalk ends and the fun begins, you need a scooter that can keep up with all of the adventures in store for you. Meet the Pursuit 2. As lightweight as it is durable, as safe as it is nimble, this outdoors-ready mobility unit moves fast and stays the course, whatever that course may be. Whether you’re headed off the beaten path or right through the center of town, you deserve support that can stand up to everyday journeys and once-in-a-lifetime adventures. This versatile unit empowers you to enjoy every moment to come, from meetups at your local hangout to solo jaunts around your property. Just like you, the Pursuit 2 breaks through barriers. Just like you, it goes the distance. Just like you, it isn’t afraid to have a little fun.


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Pursuit 2 Model #SC7132


  • Model

    Pursuit 2

    Model Number


    Weight Capacity 400 lbs.
    Maximum Speed Up to 9.3 mph
    Ground Clearance 3.8" at axle
    Turning Radius 69.3"
    Overall Length 57.5"
    Overall Width 29.7"
    Number of Tires 4
    Front Tires 13" pneumatic
    Rear Tires 13" pneumatic
    Range Per Charge Up to 40 miles with upgradable dual lithium battery configuration
    Total Weight With standard battery: 242.6 lbs.
    Without batteries: 220.6 lbs.
    Standard Seating Type: Limited reclining high back with sliders
    Weight: 54.6 lbs.
    Material: Black vinyl
    Dimensions: Width: 18", Depth 18"
    Drive System Rear-wheel drive, sealed transaxle, 24-volt DC motor
    Dual Braking System Regenerative and electromechanical
    Battery Requirements 25 volt, 50Ah lithium ion
    Battery Weight 23.8 lbs.
    Battery Charger 8 amp off-board charger
    Seat-to-Floor Height 21.9" - 24.9"
    Seat to Deck Range 17.9"- 20.9"
    Suspension Front and rear (CTS Suspension)
    Overall Height 36.5"
    Measured Sound Level (A-weighted) Less than 65 dB
    HCPCS Code K0899 Power Mobility Device, not coded by DME PDAC. DME providers are responsible for determining appropriate billing codes when submitting for insurance reimbursement. HCPCS codes provided should not beconsidered as legal advice and not not guarantee reimbursement. Payer coding, coverage and bundling guidelines may apply.
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