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The Jazzy® 600 ES is for people who have things to do. With 14-inch drive wheels and a 20.5 inch turning radius, the tightest in the Jazzy line, it performs in nearly every situation. On a Jazzy 600 ES, obstacles are obliterated. Short curbs become the slightest bumps. Cluttered hallways and sharp corners suddenly feel like open corridors and simple, rolling turns. Your Jazzy 600 ES gets you to your destination, worry free. Once you get there, the rest is up to you.


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Jazzy 600 ES


  • Model

    Jazzy® 600 ES

    Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
    Turning Radius 20.5"
    Width 24.5"
    Length 35.5"/40.25" (with footplate)
    Maximum Speed Up to 4.0 mph
    Ground Clearance 2.75"
    Front Wheels 6" solid OMNI-Casters
    Drive Wheels 14" foam filled
    Rear Wheels 6" solid OMNI-Casters
    Drivetrain Two motor, mid-wheel drive
    Braking System Regenerative and electro-mechanical
    Suspension Type Active-Trac® (ATX) with Mid-wheel 6® Technology
    High-Back Seat (max. size) 20"W x 20"D
    High-Back Seat-to-Floor Range 21” – 24”
    Synergy® Seating 20”W 20”D
    Synergy® Seat-to-Floor Range 17.25” - 19.25"
    Standard Electronics 50 A Dynamic
    Battery Size (2 required) 12 volt, NF-22
    Battery Weight NF-22 at 37 lbs. each
    Standard Battery Charger 5A, off-board
    Per-Charge Range Up to 24.8 miles (300 lbs.), up to 29.5 miles (200 lbs.)
    Weight of Heaviest Piece 124 lbs.
    Standard Seat Weight 18" wide - 51.8 lbs.
    20" wide - 54 lbs.
    Standard Seat Size 18" x 18"-20"
    20" x 18"-20"
    Medicare Code Coverage Group 2: Standard (K0822/K0823)
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