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Pride Mobility's exclusive feather-touch disassembly means you can break down the Go Go® Sport quickly and stash it away in the trunk or back seat when it's time to roll. Don't let the setting sun put a cap on your day. Rugged, never-flat wheels and a bright LED headlamp keep you moving faster and farther into the moment. Speaking of distance and speed, the Go Go® Sport cranks up the RPMs with top speeds of 4.7 mph and a battery that carries you up to about 16 miles. In short, you'll feel ready to turn in for the night long before your Go Go Sport does.


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Go Go Sport 3 Wheel Model #S73


  • Model

    Go Go® Sport

    Model Number1


    Number or Tires 3
    Front Tires2 3" x 8"
    Rear Tires2 3" x 9" solid
    Maximum Speed8 Up to 4.7 mph
    Ground Clearance2 1.5" at motor; 1.25" at rear frame lock
    Turning Radius2 36"
    Length2 42"
    Width2,4 21.25"
    Seat-to-Ground Height Range2 20.5"-22"
    Seat-to-Deck Range2 17"-18"
    Standard Seat Type Compact, Foldable;
    Materal: Black Vinyl;
    Seat Size: 17"x17"
    Weight Without Batteries2 92.75 lbs.
    Weight With Batteries 122.25 lbs.
    Weight of Heaviest Piece2 35.75 lbs. (front section)
    Battery Weight6 14 lbs. each
    Battery Requirements7 (2) 18AH
    Per Charge Range (max)8,9 Up to 12.75 miles
    Battery Charger Off-board, 2A
    Suspension NA
    Maximum Weight Capacity 325 lbs.
    HCPCS Code K0801- Group 1 Heavy Duty
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