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The Go Chair® MED gives you versatile portability that’s setting a new bar for this class of power wheelchair. It’s designed specifically to be used inside the home and for other everyday activities. Its bold lines, stylish trim and powerful electronics under the hood will provide a riding time of up to 8.6 miles per charge. All of this and more in the industry’s leading portable power wheelchair. Built for your daily activities. If there’s one thing power wheelchair riders have in common, it’s their love of lightweight travel and independence on the go. The ultimate portable power wheelchair gives riders the maneuverability to navigate at home, then pack up easily and go anywhere. Power wheelchair disassembles fast and easy. Disassemble the Go Chair MED in just a few easy steps. Remove the seat, then the battery. Pull the Feather-touch disassembly lever to disconnect the rear wheels from the front, and you’re done. Your Go Chair MED is now in four easy-to-stow components, with the heaviest piece weighing just 36 pounds. If you need streamlined mobility, optimized for both indoor and outdoor use, that also travels wherever you go, then you need to climb aboard the Go Chair MED.


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Go-Chair Med


  • Model

    Go Chair® MED1

    Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
    Maximum Speed Up to 3.7 mph
    Ground Clearance 1.75" at motor
    Turning Radius 25.5"
    Overall Length 33" (with footplate)
    Overall Width 25.5" with armrest
    Seat-to-Ground Height 22"-23"
    Front Wheels 6" solid casters
    Drive Wheels 9" solid
    Rear Wheels 3" solid anti-tips
    Suspension limited
    Range Per Charge Up to 8.6 miles
    Heaviest Piece When Disassembled 36 lbs. rear section
    Standard Seating Type: compact, foldable
    Material: Black vinyl
    Dimensions: 18”x17”/ weight- 29 lbs. or 20”x18”/ weight- 32 lbs.
    Drivetrain Two-motor, rear-wheel drive
    Braking System regenerative and electromechanical
    Standard Electronics 40-amp, PG GC3
    Battery Requirements (2) 18 Ah, 12 V, deep cycle
    Weight- 14 lbs. each
    Battery Charger Off-board, 2-amp
    Medicare Code Coverage HCPCS Code: Group 2: Standard, Portable (K0821)
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