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The LiteRider Envy LT Power Wheelchair is both stylish and durable with a tubular design that is unique to the Golden LiteRider family! The Envy LT features a compact PG Drives Technology nVR2 controller and well-styled joystick designed to make everyday tasks easier such as driving up to a table or maneuvering through a doorway.


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Envy LT Model #GP161


  • Length 33.25"
    Width 22.5"
    Front tire N/A
    Rear tire 8"
    Center tire N/A
    Casters 6"
    Weight capacity 250 LBS
    Maximum speed 3.5 MPH
    Ground clearance 2.5"
    Operating range 7.25 MILES
    Turning radius 28.5"
    Batteries 18 AH
    Weight w batteries 113 LBS
    Front half weight 34.5 LBS
    Rear half weight 30.5 LBS
    Seat weight w arms 23 LBS
    Heaviest piece 34.5 LBS
    Base weight N/A
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